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Loosen Your Grip/Word Empowerment Ministries

One day, as I was walking on the treadmill- believe me, there are very few days (Ha!), I gripped the bars tight to the point I could see the veins in my arms. After a while, I loosened my grip on the handlebars. Then the Lord said to me, “loosen your grip.” You see, I was gripping the bars because, in my mind, I was afraid I would lose my balance. What are you afraid of? What are you holding on to so tightly? Is it your spouse or your children, your life in general, or your job? As I thought about what the Lord said, I began to say, ‘Loosen my grip concerning my husband, children, my life, ministry, the future, my today and tomorrow. Dear Friend, can I tell you what I found out? You don’t have to answer because I will tell you anyway- Praise the Lord. I found out there was freedom – a joy that came with loosening my grip. An imaginable peace flooded my soul. There was a praise that came from a depth I had never known. Friend, if you want freedom – loosen your grip!


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