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I Celebrate Being a Woman/Word Empowerment Ministries

 Strength and honour are her clothing…

  Prov. 31:25


Father, I celebrate being a woman. I love being a woman, I love being feminine, I love shopping; I love Bath and Body Works, I love being pampered, I love lip stick, I love having a nurturing and caring spirit, I love girly – mushy movies that make me cry, and I love having curves. Father, I celebrate not just being a woman but a born-again woman. I am a spirit- filled woman, a wise woman that builds her house, and the woman that her children call blessed. I am a woman that her husband can trust because he knows that I fear God. I am a woman that can submit to my own husband because my home is blessed when I follow God’s order. I celebrate being a liberated woman because Jesus Christ has liberated me. I celebrate being a woman because my husband has found a wife in me, and I am his good thing, Hallelujah! I’m a woman that walks in godly character; I bring honor and favor to my husband. I celebrate being a woman because the Holy Spirit has made me a wise woman.  I celebrate because I’m God’s woman.


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