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An Itch You Shouldn't Scratch/Word Empowerment Ministries

It’s just human nature to scratch when you’re itching. My dear friend, can I tell you that some itches are best left alone. I’ve found that often times the more I scratch, the worse it gets. That’s how we can look at sin. You may have an itch for that man’s wife or that woman’s husband; you may have an itch for some weed or alcohol; you may have an itch to sleep with the boss to get a promotion; an itch to steal or lie; or an itch to look at pornography. We all know what our itch is. Now in the natural, there are certain itches that if you scratch, will cause a sore or an infection that will spread through your body. This is exactly what sin (that itch) will do for us if we act on it and scratch it. Another thing that we do in the natural is to go to the doctor to see what’s causing the problem – the itch. He will prescribe a cream or some type of medicine to cure the itch. That’s what we need to do with sin, that itch in our lives. Don’t scratch it because it’s going to make it worse – “a little leaven leavens the whole lump” (Galatians 5:9). We need to go to our great physician about our itch and we need to be honest. The medicine we need to apply to the itch is the Word of God and prayer.



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